This is pretty exciting. The folks at Choderwood have offered a one night stay to a reader!  I visited the property earlier this summer and could not believe that this place exists just up the road from Lawrenceville, in Highland Park. It’s one of just two residential homes on our rivers, and it’s ended up in great hands. Next door is a second river home. Both were built in 1905 by the Army Corps of Engineers and were used for their employees to live in while they worked. Jody & Steve Choder bought the property in 2001 and have turned it into an amazing *river retreat art garden* within the city limits. They have guest rooms in the main house as well as two docked house boats on the water where guests can stay. Enjoy the pictures and if you’d like to have a chance at winning a night’s stay on one of the boats, leave a comment here! A winner will be picked at random on August 21. To view info on renting, go to Air BnB.

Photos – Kelly Carter



Highland Park has always been a desirable neighborhood.  It’s interesting how many beautiful needy properties there still are there – evidence of the rough period Pittsburgh has weathered.  Houses like this one will no doubt be harder to come by in the coming years.  I’ve always admired the “6 sisters” homes on North St. Clair Street and wondered what their future held.  The accepted story of their construction is that a contractor in the 1800s built them for six of his family members.  Akator Lagom Joint Ventures, in partnership with the Highland Park Community Development Corporation, just finished rehabbing one of them, and is working on the second.  The inside of the finished home is modern and spacious with an open floor plan on the first level.  All original woodwork was removed and cataloged, and reinstalled after new walls with insulation.  The facade renovation includes the original curved glass turret windows, original porch & eve moldings, and new wood picture windows.  The home is being offered by Coldwell Banker agent Pat Truschel.

photos – Kelly Carter
‘before’ photos – Akator Construction
staging – New Perspectives