PGHBOX is a place for photography of Pittsburgh homes of all sorts – new, rehabs, rented apartments, and old houses. It’s a place to see Pittsburghers who live in great spaces. It’s an exciting time for the city and for the neighborhoods that have had potentially beautiful homes sitting empty for decades. So we’ll definitely be looking at those, as well as rented apartments and really any type of cool living space in or around Pittsburgh. All neighborhoods will be covered – there are 90.  If you have a home or even a room or collection you’d like to share, shoot us an email to pghbox at gmail with a photo or two. Don’t be shy – the goal here is to find beauty in all sorts of homes – actually, the less grand, the better.

All photos you see on the site are ours and were taken for PGHBOX, unless otherwise noted. Please email if you’re interested in using any of them.

-Kelly Carter



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