This is pretty exciting. The folks at Choderwood have offered a one night stay to a reader!  I visited the property earlier this summer and could not believe that this place exists just up the road from Lawrenceville, in Highland Park. It’s one of just two residential homes on our rivers, and it’s ended up in great hands. Next door is a second river home. Both were built in 1905 by the Army Corps of Engineers and were used for their employees to live in while they worked. Jody & Steve Choder bought the property in 2001 and have turned it into an amazing *river retreat art garden* within the city limits. They have guest rooms in the main house as well as two docked house boats on the water where guests can stay. Enjoy the pictures and if you’d like to have a chance at winning a night’s stay on one of the boats, leave a comment here! A winner will be picked at random on August 21. To view info on renting, go to Air BnB.

Photos – Kelly Carter



  1. Jody and Steve have created a real hidden gem; one more thing added to Pittsburgh’s transforming riverfront landscape. Choderwood is an incredible destination, and the city is lucky that they have opened their home to visitors! Thanks, Jody and Steve!

  2. It was my great pleasure to DJ an event held at Choderwood several weeks ago. The grounds are beautiful! The hosts are amazing! I look forward to working there again in the future, but would love an opportunity to enjoy the tranquility as a guest! Thanks for showcasing one of Pittsburgh’s most unique retreats!

  3. We just discovered Choderwood a few weeks ago. What a great place! We would love to spend a night there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. As an event planner in Pittsburgh, I spend a lot of time looking for new and exciting venues. And I have to say that from what I’ve seen so far, Choderwood is exactly why Pittsburgh is gaining so much popular buzz! I’d love to win a chance to see more of the wonderful soul that this hidden gem has to offer!

  5. I had the pleasure of visiting Choderwood during Brooklyn Brew week last year when they hosted a Chaos Cooking event…it was a wonderful evening and Jody and Steve were awesome hosts!

  6. We visited Choderwood last year for Chaos Cooking and would love to spend a night on the water and discover more of it’s hidden treasures!

  7. The pictures here are amazing but you still have to see Choderwood in person to see its true majic. A peaceful retreat in a bombing city. You really can get away without leaving the burgh.

  8. Lovely photos of a lovely site. I am a former Corps employee, and it thrills me to see these boats have been recycled. I am sure the spirit of the hardworking fleet workers who lived here are keeping the new residents safe.

  9. I am grateful that Jody and Steve have upped the hospitality game. And grateful that Kelly is so passionate about her calling.

  10. drove by to try to see exactly where Choderwood is, still not sure we were in the right place! would love to officially see it, rather than just trying to drive by.

  11. Would love to check this out, grew up in Highland Park and love that this amazing place is tucked away in my old neighborhood!!

  12. I attended a party here. It was absolutely lovely. I am dying to spend a night or longer there. Especially interested in the meditation hut! so cool

  13. I recently visited Choderwood with the Garden Writers Association. What a wonderful, hidden retreat by the river! To discover this hidden treasure was delightful. My goal is to return with friends and loved ones to spend an idyllic long weekend on the houseboats sipping wine, enjoying conversation, and watching the river roll by.

  14. Looking for a venue to hold my son’s rehearsal dinner. This place really looks unique and pleasant not to mention very different.

  15. I had the distinct privilege to spend a few nights at Choderwood and the beautiful memory lingers. Beautiful location, serene, great hosts and wild (yet tame) animals! Looking forward to my next visit. Chickens, hens, cats and I believe a few goats:)

  16. Just walking through the front gate at Choderwood is relaxing! What a beautiful escape in the middle of a busy city. Wishing I was there now!

  17. Love it here!!!!!!! Best place to have your awesome wedding too!!!! And Steve and jody?? They are amazingly wonderful! !

  18. we have a winner! we used a random number generator at and comment #35 was picked. the winner is Allison! that was so much fun. i’m going to do this more often :)

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