Mayor John Fetterman¬†and his wife Gisele have transformed one of the first indoor car dealerships in the country to a modern space for their family of five. Absolute Win was their contractor. Their oldest son gave me a full tour and was pretty excited about being part of the pictures. Thanks to the Fettermans for being so welcoming when I asked to photograph their space! Please check out the Braddock links at the bottom of the post, to see all of the inspiring projects they have going on – especially the Free Store – a place that connects people in the community with donated clothing, toys and groceries. The PG ran an article in April that talks about how the store came to be. If you missed the first set of Braddock loft photos, you can see it here. Enjoy …

photos – Kelly Carter
Braddock Youth Project
Free Store
Red Lantern Bike Shop
Braddock Library