I am still here! I’ve been having a lot of fun with photography classes I’m taking at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and I’ve strayed a bit from photographing homes over the last few months. Hopefully the next 2 posts will make up for lost time. I’m looking for more spaces to feature too, so email me or connect on Facebook if you have one. Apartments or unique rooms or collections count too.

This is Jeb’s Braddock schoolhouse. Located on the main drag, it’s what you would imagine – a solid old structure with cool elements you couldn’t replace, like the original boys bathroom complete with urinals & original hardware. It may be weird, but one of my favorite parts of his space was the bathroom. School bathrooms always have a certain nostalgic feel and sound to them. Jeb’s main living space used to be a classroom and he’s kept a lot of the chalkboards. The first floor is used for community and art events. Jeb is one of the folks at the heart of Braddock’s revival. He organizes various community events – which I’ll link to. He’s also part of the local chapter of the Awesome Foundation – which doesn’t have a direct connection to his work in Braddock, but is too good not to mention. Basically, every month, members of the group collectively pitch in $1000 to fund a local project. The criteria is pretty loose. They basically just want to hear great ideas for inspiring projects. Read about them all here. Maybe you even have one! Without further ado, the first of 2 Braddock lofts …

photos – Kelly Carter
Unsmoke Systems
Braddock Redux
Braddock Borough
Braddock Youth Project
Superior Motors
welcome sign by James Simon