I’ve been going to house tours around the city for as long as I can remember.  The first tour I did was in Crafton around Christmas about 20 years ago.  It’s a really good one that still happens each year, and winter house tours are a great way to get you in the holiday mood without spending a lot of money.  Tickets are on sale already for 2013 on their website.  I really recommend getting to know your Pittsburgh neighborhoods by adding the various area home tours to your calendar in the coming year.  Once this site receives its full makeover, I’m going to list all of the tours on the front page. If you work organizing a tour or just know about one that should be shared here, please email or connect on facebook and i’ll add it to the list. Over the last month I was able to make it to the Friendship and Lawrenceville house tours.  They were both really good!  Here’s some of what i saw on the Friendship tour.  The photos here show 4 different homes.  Thanks so much to the homeowners who allowed me to take pictures.  Lawrenceville, coming up next.  Enjoy!

script from the movie Smart People – filmed in Pittsburgh and in this house!

artwork by Paul McMillan

photos – Kelly Carter
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