This has been a really exciting summer for me so far, as far as this site goes.  The spaces are flowing in and I have new neighborhoods to share.  Aimee St. Germain is such an inspiration for how Pittsburghers can promote our neighborhoods just by doing what they love.  She and her husband Nathan live in one of the Brakehouse Lofts in The Strip District (where Flashdance was filmed!), and Aimee writes her Cooking The Strip blog from there.  She shops locally in The Strip, then shares her recipes including exactly where the ingredients came from.  She also takes beautiful photographs of her process.  Her website has become one of my absolute favorites.  When I stopped by a few weeks ago to photograph her place, she had made, hands down – THE best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had.  Check out her space and the recipes!

artwork by Seth Clark

interior photos – Kelly Carter
exterior photos – Ben Smith
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This is an exciting post!  It’s our first collaboration with Coldwell Banker, where we’ll look at a Pittsburgh house that’s on the market – but ramp up the usual real-estate photos, showing the details of the home that really make these tours exciting.  I’ve also enlisted my friend Margaret Janco, who’s a local historian.  She specializes in genealogy research and is always my go-to girl for any historical facts about people and places in the area.  She found this article from a 1981 Pittsburgh Press, when this home was being sold by President Ford’s son for $105,000.  It turns out that President Ford actually spent the night on Ellsworth Ave.  You can see the current real estate listing here.  The agent is Charlotte George.  Enjoy …