I did a little walking tour on the northside over the holidays, capturing entry doors that everyone here really liked.  There are so many beautiful old doors on the homes there.  Lawrenceville has its fair share as well, so I thought I’d do the same for LVille since everyone is planting flowers and jazzing up their entries.  And coming up on June 22 is the Lawrenceville Garden Tour, sponsored by the Lawrenceville Hospitality Association.  This is a free event that starts at ‘the garden’ at Allegheny Cemetery.  Full details can be found here.  Enjoy …



We don’t go in a logical order here, as far as home improvements go.  Like, we have no kitchen, but we just tiled 2 of the 4 hearths.  Priorities!  When we first looked at the house we were excited at the possibility of reviving at least a couple of the 5 fireplaces, possibly with gas units.  As our to-do list grew, we decided that at least for now, we’d clean them up and tile them. We used this incredible tile from Tabarka Studio via Tile and Designs in Shadyside.  They’re handmade terracotta tiles available in any color combination you want.  I’m dying over these tiles and wish i had a use for more.  We bought them for a bathroom and ended up using them on the hearths too.  We’re going to use a different design for the other 2 hearths later this year.  This was such a fun project.  If anyone has hearths they want to tile, get it touch.  Here are some before and afters of the project!

*Normally I’d be posting this in the ‘our house’ section, but things are a bit crazy here with a new & improved website in the works.  So for now, all important things go here!*  Enjoy.


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