In 2005, after considering several old commercial buildings around town, Todd Keebler purchased this garage on the Southside, with plans to build up and convert it into a modern living space.  He paid $60,000 for the property.

He also considered these two buildings and came very close to buying the Turner Detective Agency! (on Doughboy Square in Lawrenceville, for $24,000).  The building on the left was an old VFW hall in Polish Hill.  

Two years later, after zoning hearing entanglements and protests from nervous neighbors,
Todd and his Mom Alina, had designed the house and completed the renovation.  Side note:  Todd has a particularly awesome Mom who does great home renovation work herself.  Hopefully we’ll be sharing her adventures on the site soon.

entry to laundry & garage

Todd admired this sofa from Perlora, but wasn’t excited with the price tag.  He ended up combing craigslist for a few months and found the sofa, gently used for 30% of the original price.  Awesome.

Sleazy / Sleaze, resident albino corn snake

“EPP” aka Expanded Polypropylene aka packing material from Todd’s work that he uses as wall art

card catalog that came with the property and was used in the garage for nuts & bolts – painstakingly stripped and refinished by Todd and Alina + Junior the bengal cat

Ryah & Todd with Construction Junction find as a backdrop.  These were red and scuffed when purchased.  Todd filled them in, sanded, primed and painted.  Their origin is unknown.  My best guess was giant apostrophes – ??

More of the EPP + red and black acoustic foam.  Todd plans on creating an easy to use, magnetic, mounting system so he can sell them as wall treatment/art/acoustic diffusion and absorption panels.

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Photographers – Joey Kennedy & Adam Oliveri




When real estate agent Sandy DeTemple asked us to photograph and feature one of her listings, I was excited to cover a home in a new neighborhood.  This restored Victorian house with detatched apartment hit the market last week.  This house at 200 South Pacific was real estate developer Eve Picker’s first project in Pittsburgh.  When she purchased it from HUD, it had fist-sized holes in the exterior and probably should have been torn down, she said.  It’s come a long way …


For more on this space, check out the realtor’s listing.
Photographer – Kristen Burns