That’s right – you can live here!  This loft is one of two homes for sale that we’re featuring this week.  This is 3501 Butler Street, unit 3B – 1900 square feet of loft space in LOLA.  Elvira Eichleay and her housemate Bessie are obviously moving on to something extremely special to be parting ways with this space.  Elvira purchased the unit in 2001, getting in right before it was completed, allowing her to select all the finishes and fixtures.   The developer was Lee Gross.

Exposed brick walls and neutrals show off a great art collection.  Shown here, sculpture by Vanessa German + vintage Pittsburgh bus boards (circa 1951) Elvira found on Ebay, cut from a 9.5 foot scroll and framed.

artists Brian Brown and “KARLA” by Gavin Benjamin

“blinded” by Michael Lotenero

bathroom wall treatment by Gavin Benjamin – larger than life-size photographs scaled and sized for the room and polyurethaned  

photos by Pam Bryan

“blinded” and “price of progress” by Michael Lotenero

For more on this space, check out the realtor’s listing.
Photographer – Joey Kennedy



This classic Pittsburgh home in Brookline is owned by Tim Frank – art director, art collector, music enthusiast.  If you’re out and about attending art or music events in the City, you’ll recognize Tim.  We had to do almost nothing to get great pictures.  The home is filled with only favorite things, no clutter – simple and perfect.  I love the color palette –  neutrals, cream, wood, silver, white, black – all the way down to his wardrobe and jewelry.  So wonderful.  Tim collects artwork from local artists – Rick Bach and Danny Devine to name a couple.  We listened to New Order and Joy Division records last Saturday morning during the shoot.  Definitely a highlight of my weekend!  I’ll be checking back with Tim over the summer to see what he does with his outdoor space.  Enjoy!

Photographer – Joey Kennedy