Happy New Year!  Or Valentine’s Day at this point.  You haven’t heard much from me, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes finding cool spaces to show you in 2013.  First up, a cozy Shadyside apartment to warm you up this week.  The first day I visited with the owner was right after the “sorta big snow storm of 2012 but we’ll take anything at this point”, and everything looked really beautiful.  It’s a sweet little space in a 3 unit house a minute from Ellsworth.  The owner oversaw this 3rd floor condo renovation and now rents the space.

OK – here’s something strange about me – I have never lived in an apartment.  And I definitely have an apartment envy thing going on.  I went from living with my family to living in a small house that my Mom owned.  So I missed out on the apartment stage.  So here I am, sometimes wishing I had experienced that.  After decades of collecting and gathering and filling a big old house with things, I love the idea of scaling back and having exactly what you need in the right amount of space.  Enjoy!


(those are before pics : )


Photographer – Kristen Burns