I received this letter from BBI about a house I bought in 2002 that’s been 4 units from as early as 1941 as far as I can determine. I bought it as a multi-unit, the county recognizes it as a 3 unit, but BBI tells me that according to the city it is single family. I’ve been in and talked with Svetlana. who gave me a to-do list and affidavits, suggesting that it would be smart to take care of this outside of an expensive hearing that I cannot afford. This house has existed without complaints from anyone for the better part of a century. There is one neighbor who’s made it her life’s work to cause me grief, and that’s why we’re here. PLEASE HELP ME solve this outside of a hearing.

The houses I own are on the block where I grew up in Sheraden. I knew the people who lived in them decades ago. I’ve been part of this block my entire life. I am a good hands on landlord. My goal was to save these houses from absentee landlords who were buying up property in the neighborhood. My tenants are excellent neighbors and my places are well kept. I have not and would not chop up a single family house. I’ve put every penny I have and then some into helping to stabilize this block.

The house on the right is the one in question – 3301 Canopolis St. I grew up in the house on the left. I lived there from 1980 until 2003 when I bought another house across the street and moved there. My Mother knew the family who owned 3301 from 1950 on. She loved the private street near the park so much that she bought the house on the left when it became available. We have been part of the neighborhood my entire life. I am 42. The house in question has been in the same configuration for at least 65 years as far as my Mom & I personally know. There are neighbors who confirm that the house was not split during the time they’ve been there – some 50 years. Fred Carragher, the man I bought the house from, was born there in 1941 and says that it’s been that way his entire life.

4 separate entrances for 4 apartments – front, back, and 2 on the right side walkway that go to studio apartments. On the right side of the house is Sheraden Park.

[The hedge in the front of the house has seen better days. A city truck drove into it earlier this year.]

2 families listed at the address in a 1929 directory

1940 census lists 2 families – 6 people total (4 people total live there now).

1950/1951 directory showing 3 apartments

a few interior pictures. the studio apartments (blue tile) are very similar.

All houses on Francisco Street have parking in the back of them (Canopolis St).
There is ample parking for tenants on adjacent Tweed Street, or on Francisco.

2 of my single family houses on Francisco with parking in the back (Canopolis)

I have the support of all neighbors in the area, minus one. They’re writing letters of support and I will post them here as I receive them.

Kelly Carter

affidavit from man born in the house in 1941

affidavit from woman who knew the owners and lived next door

affidavit from man who knew the owners